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It is high in vitaminE and essential fatty acids,

it is believed to help all sortes of skin conditions:

dry skin,acne,psoriasis,eczema

100%naturel 60ml 10 euro or

250ml 22euro(sold out)


- a shower gel scented with lavender 50ml

- a shampoo scented with lavender 50ml

- a body lotion scented with lavender 50ml

18 euro

The veritable "Soap of Marseille" is

a anatural product made exclusively

from copra,palm,and olive oils,

without any colouring agents or artificial additives.

It must imperatively contain 72% oil,

the percentage stamped on each bar of soap.


- Lavender or

- Olive

5 euro

soap 100g

- Lavender or

- Olive


8 euro

Argan soap


- orange blossom

8 euro

essence oil

- Lavender 10ml 4 euro 30ml

7 euro 50ml 10 euro

- Vervena 10ml 4 euro 30ml

7 euro 50nl 10 euro

- Lavandin 10ml 4 euro 30ml

7 euro 50ml 10 euro

Marseillais handcream


with shea butter, argan oil and sweet almond

4,5 euro

Hand cream with olive oil

produced in Provence

4,5 euro

Soap 100g

- Lavender or

- Cinnamon&orange blossom


8 euro

Doll Provencal with

lavender soap (100g) 78% pure plant
jasmine soap (100g) 78% pure plant

9 euro

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